Sub- Component A 1:

This Sub- Component will assist Government of Sindh efforts to: improve and rehabilitate tertiary distribution level water courses. Activities under this component will include farmer mobilization, establishment of Water Courses Associations (WCAs) and their registration, survey and design, and construction.

About 5,500 water courses will be improve through the provision of lining (corresponding to 30 percent of water course length) . The farmers will co-finance 24 percent of the costs through provision of skilled and unskilled labour.

Sub- Component A 2:

This sub –component will finance the provision of supervision and implementation assistance consultants (PSIAC) for project design and construction supervision for activities under Component A. PSIAC will assist the Project Implementation Unit ( PIU) in construction supervision, engineering and designs, procurement , financial management , quality control, and timely completion of strategic studies and pilot projects.

Mechanism for improvement of Water Courses

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