Sub- Component A 1:

This Sub- Component will assist Government of Sindh efforts to: improve and rehabilitate tertiary distribution level water courses. Activities under this component will include farmer mobilization, establishment of Water Courses Associations (WCAs) and their registration, survey and design, and construction.

About 5,500 water courses will be improve through the provision of lining (corresponding to 30 percent of water course length) . The farmers will co-finance 24 percent of the costs through provision of skilled and unskilled labour.

Sub- Component A 2:

This sub –component will finance the provision of supervision and implementation assistance consultants (PSIAC) for project design and construction supervision for activities under Component A. PSIAC will assist the Project Implementation Unit ( PIU) in construction supervision, engineering and designs, procurement , financial management , quality control, and timely completion of strategic studies and pilot projects.


Improve Water Course – Save Water

Water is the fundamental and only source of life for human beings, animals, birds, crops, trees and plants. However climatic change, overpopulation and inappropriate consumption of water have caused scarcity of water reservoirs. In upcoming times, fulfillment of nutrition needs and food production will become harder due to shortage of water. Therefore, appropriate consumption of water is of utmost importance so that water scarcity can be addressed by conserving existing water resources.

Normally, least care is taken while watering crops which causes:  wastage of water; less production due to unnecessary supply and; soil is also affected by water logging

Unimproved water course are yet another main reason behind water logging. Water keeps seeping from unimproved water course and cause: water logging & salinity.

In order to produce sufficiently and get maximum benefits from scarce resources, it is vital to prevent wastage of water.

Water wastage can be prevented greatly with improving water courses for it will stop seepage of water.

Government support in improving of water course: –

Sindh Irrigated Agriculture Productivity Enhancement Project (SIAPEP) has been initiated by Government of Sindh in collaboration with World Bank. Under the scheme, 5,500 water courses will be improved within six years. This is a comprehensive and advantageous and project which will enhance agriculture production in the province and boost up the country’s economy as well.

In this connection, farmers and land owners of Sindh province are advised to get benefited from this project and get their water courses improved at once.

Estimated budget and procedure for improving of water course: –

Farmer will have to apply for improving of water course at any district office of SIAPEP where Deputy Directors and their field teams are prepared to help you.

  1. Farmers will apply through district office of SIAPEP and for further information they will have to coordinate with the staff.
  2. Material cost such as bricks, cement, hill sand etc. which is equal to 80% of total budget will be provided to the applicant by the Government of Sindh through this project. Whereas farmers will bear the remaining 20% of the cost such as labor and masonry cost.
  3. Most importantly, only those water course will be improved which have not been improved under any program so far.

Benefits of improved water

  1. Water saving
  2. Enhanced and better production
  3. Safe soil from water logging & salinity (occurs by seepage)



پاڻي هر جاندار يعنيٰ انسان، ڍور ڍنگر، پکي پکڻ ، فصلن ۽ وڻن ٻوٽن جي جياپي جو بنيادي ۽ واحد ذريعو آهي، پر موسمي تبديلين ، دنيا ۾ وڌندڙ آبادي ۽ پاڻي جي نامنساب استعمال سبب سڄي دنيا ۾ پاڻي جا وسيلا ۽ ذخيرا ڏينهون ڏينهن گهٽبا وڃن ٿا. جنهن ڪري ايندڙ وقت ۾ پاڻي جي ايتري ته اڻاٺ ٿي ويندي جو غذائي ضرورتن جي پورائي ۽ خوراڪ جي پيدوارا لاءِ به پاڻي مشڪل سان مهيا ٿي سگهندو. تنهنڪري اهو ضروري آهي ته پاڻي جو مناسب استعمال ڪيو وڃي ته جيئن موجوده وسيلا بچائي پاڻي کوٽ کي منهن ڏئي سگهجي .

اسان وٽ فصلن کي پاڻي ڏيڻ وقت ڪنهن به قسم جو احتياط نٿو ڪيو وڃي، جنهن ڪري پاڻي اجايو ذيان ٿئي ٿو ۽ غيرضروري مقدار ۾ پاڻي ڏيڻ سان فصل به گهٽ لهي ٿو ۽ زمين به سم، ڪلر جي حوالي ٿي وڃي ٿي.

زمين ۾ سم، ڪلر اچي وڃڻ جو ٻيو مکيه ڪارڻ واٽر ڪورس جو ڪچو هئڻ به آهي. جنهن مان پاڻي سيمو (Seepage) ڪري زمين اندر هليو وڃي ٿو ۽ سم ، ڪلر جو ڪارڻ بڻجي ٿو.

فصلن جي مناسب آبپاشي ۽ محدود وسيلن مان ڀرپور فائدو وٺڻ لاءِ ضروري آهي ته آبپاشي سرشتي جي مختلف مرحلن ۾ پاڻيءَ جي ذيان کي روڪيو وڃي .

واٽرڪورس پڪي ڪرڻ سان ذيان کي وڏي پئماني تي روڪي سگهجي ٿو، ڇا لاءِ ته پاڻي جو سيمو (Seepage) بند ٿي وڃي ٿو.

واٽر ڪورس پڪي ڪرائڻ ۾ سرڪار جو سهڪار-:

هن وقت سنڌ حڪومت ورلڊ بئنڪ جي مالي مدد سان جيڪو پروجيڪٽ (SIAPEP) سنڌ اريگيٽيڊ ايگريڪلچر پروڊڪٽوٽي انهانسمينٽ پروجيڪٽ شروع ڪيو آهي. ان جي پروگرام تحت 6 سالن جي عرصي دوران سڄي سنڌ ۾ 5500 واٽرڪورس پڪا ڪيا ويندا.

اهو سنڌ حڪومت جو هڪ جامع ۽ انتهائي مفيد منصوبو آهي، جنهن سان صوبي ۾ زراعت جي پيداوار کي هٿي ملندي ۽ ملڪي معشيت کي خاطرخواه فائدو رسندو.

ان سلسلي ۾ سنڌ جي آبادگارن ۽ زميندارن کي اسان جو نهايت ئي مفيد مشورو آهي ته هو پروجيڪٽ جي هن پروگرام مان وڌ کان وڌ فائدو وٺن ته پنهنجا واٽر ڪورس بنا دير جي پڪا ڪرائين .

واٽر ڪورس جي لاڳت ۽ پڪي ڪرڻ جو طريقه ڪار-:

واٽر ڪورس پڪي ڪرائڻ لاءِ زميندار کي هڪ درخواست ڏيڻي پوندي.  سنڌ جي هر ضلعي ۾ سياپيپ (SIAPEP)جون آفيسون موجود آهن ، جتي ڊپٽي ڊائريڪٽر ۽ سندس فيلڊ ٽيمون عوام جي سهڪار لاءِ هر وقت موجود هجن ٿا.

  1. .زميندار ڀائرن کي هر ضلعي آفيسن ۾ پنهنجون درخواستون جمع ڪرائڻيون پونديون ۽ وڌيڪ ڄاڻ حاصل ڪرڻ لاءِ اتي جي عملي سان لهه وچڙ ۾ اچڻو پوندو
  2. واٽر ڪورس پڪي ڪرڻ لاءِ تعميراتي خرچ (Material Cost) جهڙوڪ:سرون، ريتي بجري ، سيمنٽ ۽ نڪا وغيره ، سنڌ سرڪار هن پروجيڪٽ وسيلي مهيا ڪندي. جيڪو ڪل خرچ جو 80 سيڪڙو ٿئي ٿو. جڏهن ته زميندار 20 سيڪڙو يعنيٰ مزدوري ۽ رازن جو خرچ ڀريندو
  3. سياپيپ پروجيڪٽ تحت واٽر ڪورس صرف اهي پڪا ٿي سگهندا جيڪي اڳ ۾ ڪنهن به پروگرام تحت نه ٺهيا هجن .

واٽر ڪورس پڪي ڪرڻ جا فائدا:

  • واٽرڪورس پڪي ڪرڻ سان بنيادي فائدو پاڻيءَ جي بچت آهي.
  • ان کان علاوه دستياب پاڻي سان وڌيڪ زمين پوکائي ۽ آبپاشي هيٺ آڻي سگهجي ٿي.
  • هن طريقي سان پاڻي زمين ۾ اجايو جذب (Seepage)نه ٿو ٿئي ، تنهنڪري زمين سم ۽ ڪلر جي عذاب کان محفوظ رهي ٿي.

.زمين کي پاڻي مقرر مقدار ۾ ملڻ سان فصل به ڀلو ٿئي ٿو ۽ پيداوار ۾ جوڳو اضافو ٿئي ٿو، جنهن سان پاڻ زميندار ، هاري ۽ ملڪي معشيت کي بي انتها فائدو رسي ٿو

Mechanism for improvement of Water Courses

S.NoActivityResponsible / Action taken by
The Khatedars/Farmers of concerned watercourse approaches Irrigation Department for Irrigation documents required for improvement of watercourse. i.e

1 Command Area Map
2 Sharelist of Khatedars /Farmers
3 Sanctioned discharge
Khatedars / Farmers and Field Team
2 Registration of Water Course Association
After formation of Watercourse Association the Field staff approaches to Sindh Irrigation and Drainage Authority (SIDA) for registration of Watercourse AssociationSindh Irrigation and Drainage Authority (SIDA) and Field Team
3Signing of agreement
After Registration of watercourse Association with SIDA the Agreement signed between Assistant Director (Field) and Chairman of watercourseField team and chairman of watercourse
4Opening of joint account
After signing of mutual agreement, the WCA opens joint account in a commercial bank and the same will jointly operate by chairman and treasurer of WCA and submit Bank Certificate with concerned Field TeamChairman and Treasurer
5Survey, design and cost estimates
The field staff surveys the watercourse from head (Mogha) to tail alongwith WCA and identifies total length of kacha watercourse for 30% lining of total length and WCA identifies their Nuccas, Check Structures and Culverts.

The field staff designs and cost estimate watercourse.
Field Team and Khatedars,
6Authentication of Survey, design and cost estimates
The Deputy Director (F) submits complete case folio of watercourse through Director SIAPEP (Concerned) to Incharge Field Team Project Supervisory Implementation Assistance Consultants (PSIACs), then Field Team Incharge / Staff PSIAC authenticates Survey, Design and Cost Estimates of watercourse.Project Supervisory
Assistance Consultants
On the basis of authentication of Survey, Design and Cost Estimates the Director SIAPEP (Concerned) issues Technical Sanction of watercourse. Director SIAPEP
8Demolishing of existing earthen (katcha) and earth work of watercourse
After issuance of Technical Sanction, the Field Staff approaches to WCA for levelling and dressing of existing Earthen (Katcha) water course and to complete earthwork as per designed parameters.Khatedars / Farmers and Field Team
9Issuance of earth work certificate from consultants
After Kachta improvement of earthen watercourse the field staff approaches to PSIAC for issuance of earthwork certificate.Project Supervisory Implementation
Assistance Consultants
10Demand/Request for issuance of 1st Milestone (40%)
On receipt of 1st Interim Completion Report (ICR-I) from the PSIAC the Director (concerned) approaches to Project Director PIU for issuance/release of 1st Milestone (40%) of total cost.Director (Concerned)
11Issuance/release of 1st milestone (40%)
On receipt of demand from Director (Concerned) Project Director issue/release of 1st Milestone (40%) of total cost.Project Implementation
Unit (PIU)
12Disbursement of 1st milestone (40%)
On receipt of 1st Milestone (40%) of total cost from Project Director (PIU), the Director (concerned) issues cheque in favour of Chairman/Treasurer WCA.Director (Concerned)
13Implementation of lining work
On receipt of 1st Milestone (40%) from Department the WCA starts execution of lining of watercourse.WCA
14Supervision of quality control and technical assistance
The field/PSIAC staff provide Technical assistance and supervise the quality of execution of lining work of watercourse.Field Team /PSIAC
15Interim completion report of 1st Milestone (40%)
The PSIAC staff after visit and authenticate the execution of lining of watercourse and issue 2nd Interim Completion Report (ICR-II).PSIAC
16Demand/Request for issuance of 2nd Milestone (40%)
On receipt of 2nd Interim Completion Report (ICR-II) from the PSIAC the Director (concerned) approaches to Project Director (PIU) for issues/release 2nd Milestone (40%) of total cost.Director SIAPEP
17Implementation of lining work
On receipt of 2nd Milestone (40%) from Department the WCA executes lining of watercourse for 2nd Milestone and completes 60% of lining along with structures (Nuccas, Check Structures, Culvert and Signboard of watercourse .WCA
18Supervision of quality control and technical assistance
The field/PSIAC staff provide Technical assistance and supervise the quality of execution of lining work of watercourse.Field Team /PSIAC
19Issuance of final completion report
On completion of lining along with structures (Nuccas, Check Structures, Culvert and Signboard of watercourse, the in charge field team/staff PSIAC issues Final Completion Report of watercourse.PSIAC
20Demand / request for issuance of 3rd milestone (20%)
On receipt of Final Completion Report duly signed by concerned chairman WCA, Assistant Director(F), In charge Field Team, PSIAC and Deputy Director (F). The Director (concerned) approaches Project Director PIU for issuance / release of Final 20% of total cost.Director