Promotion and Installation of High Efficiency Irrigation Systems

(Drip irrigation System | Kitchen Gardening Kit)


Sub- Component B 1

will support: installation of HEIS drippers and bubblers for growing high value crops on irrigated and irrigable land; provide technical assistance package to farmers on operations and maintenance of HEIS; and provide additional training and assistance to farmers in the use of HEIS by specialists and consultants. Approximately 2,600 HEISs will be installed on 14, 300 ha (35,000acres) of irrigated and irrigable land. HEIS ‘will be provided (on demand) to the farmers on a 40 percent cost sharing basis. They will be installed by Sales, Supply and Service (SSCs) who will also provide a technical assistance package for the farmers in operation and maintenance of the system. Additional training and assistance will also be provided by the HEIS specialist in the field teams assisted by the technical assistance and training (TAT) consultants.

Sub- Component B 2

will support the establishment of HEIS demonstration sites and distribution of kitchen garden HEIS kits, consisting of drip irrigation equipment to female- headed households and landless farmers. It will include 48 demonstration sites of 2 ha ( 5 acres), two in each district , and the distribution of approximately  10,000 kitchen garden HEIS kits consisting of drip irrigation equipment for a plot of 10m x 10m, including a small water storage of 160 litter with a conveyance pipe for the daily provision  of water. The 100 kitchen garden HEIS kits for demonstration purpose will be provided free of charge ; individual households requesting a HEIS kit will need to contribute 10 percent of the investment cost of  US$100.


  1. Project will create awareness about the scheme among farmers, SSCs and other stakeholders. Listed suppliers can also reach out to farmers directly and create demand for their products.
  2. Listed suppliers/SSCs will be published on the project website.
  3. Farmers will apply on prescribed Application Form along with require document.
  4. Land ownership form (Form VII / power of attorney / registered lease agreement).
  5. SIAPEP Field Teams will visit the site and approve the application fulfilling the suitability criteria defined under the scheme.
  6. Farmer has to select the SSC out of the published list; or recommend his/her choice regarding SSC to get its name published in the list based on selection criteria.
  7. Farmer will be allowed to provide items and labour in-kind. The selected SSC will be onboard about this arrangement.
  8. SSC selected by the farmer has to conduct survey and prepare the design, BOQ, cost estimate and submit the case to the concerned regional director.
  9. Initially the proposal containing survey, design BOQ and cost estimates prepared by SSC will be verified by SIAPEP Field Team and later on it will be verified/authenticated by PSIA consultants.
  10. Any discount negotiated by any party (Project or farmer) will be applicable to the total estimated cost and share of each party will be adjusted accordingly.
  11. The Project will issue the work order after signing of Tri-Partite agreement and receiving farmer’s share in shape of demand draft in the name of selected SSC; the tripartite agreement must be properly filled, signed by all three parties and initialed on each page.
  12. SSC supply the material, as per approved BOQ (make, model & specification) and specified standards at the farmer’s site within stipulated time after issuance of work order.
  13. SIAPEP Field Team and PSIAC will verify the quality and quantity of supplied material and issue an Interim Payment Report (IPR-I). The report shall be submitted to the concerned regional director for release of 1st installment farmer’s deposited share to the SSC less inputs contributed in-kind.
  14. SSC completes the installation, conducts a test run, and hand over the system with warranty certificate. SSC will also provide on job training to farmer for operation &maintenance and crop agronomy.
  15. SIAPEP Field Team and PSIACs jointly has to conducts quality check during installation and after completion of HEIS and issue Final Completion Report (FCR) for release of 2nd Installment from project share equal to 85% of project share after deducting liable taxes.
  16. Tax deduction shall be made as per applicable tax laws.
  17. SSC will provide the backup services to farmers regarding system’s operation and maintenance   free of cost for one year. The remaining 15% of project share will be issued on successful completion of backup services.

HEIS installation time framework

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The list of interested SSCs will be upgraded/expanded each year or even at any time provided that the following eligibility criteria is met:

  1. Equipment/material and installation should meet the quality applicable standards.
  2. Have verifiable minimum inventory of HEIS equipment covering 100 acres and/or verifiable arrangements with vendors of HEIS for timely delivery.
  3. Have track record of successfully providing similar supplies and services in areas comparable to project area and willing to provide contact details.
  4. Have qualified staff or commits to engage qualified staff prior to supplies.
  5. Valid registration and active tax filer with Federal Board of Revenue.
  6. Agrees to the defined mode of payment.
  7. Will provide the complete information and specification of HEIS material consisting of make, model, brand name, material type & unit price etc. along with complete set of samples.
  8. Will train farmer in O&M of HEIS and in growing crops under HEIS.
  9. Will provide backup/warranty services to farmer free of cost up to one year.
  10. Agree to prepare and submit a yield report at the completion of warranty period.
  11. Agree to arrange onetime Lab test on its own cost for quality verification of specified items of HEIS in the presence of representative of consultants and project.


The following criteria will be adopted for the eligibility of farmer:

  1. He/She has valid and legal proof of ownership of agriculture land (Form VII / Power of Attorney/Registered lease agreement).
  2. He/She must have a valid CNIC issued by Government of Pakistan.
  3. He/She has not received subsidy for more than 25 acres for HEIS through on-going SIAPEP scheme.
  4. He/She has reliable source of water and is ready to construct a water storage tank to meet crop water requirements on agreed cost sharing basis.
  5. Possess the required power source for the HEIS system.


The following criteria will be adopted to select the site/farm for installation of HEIS:

  1. The farm shall be accessible for frequent visits by interested stakeholders.
  2. The farm shall be free from water-logging, salinization, alkalization.
  3. The farm shall not be isolated by such obstacles which do create problem in economic design of the intervention.

List Of Supplier Companies /SSCs For Installation Of High Efficiency Irrigation System 2020-21 Under SIAPEP.

SSC List 2020-21