Improved Agriculture Practices


Sub – Component C1:

This Sub- Component will provide laser guided land leveling equipment and associated deep ripping equipment, and will facilitate training in the use of deep ripping equipment. These will help farmers save irrigation water, curtail irrigation time, improve efficiency of agriculture Inputs such as fertilizers, and achieve uniform seed germination, resulting in increased crop yields.

Sub- Component C2:

This Sub- Component will facilitate training to farmers to improve crop production and irrigation agronomy practices.

Sub- Component C3:

This Sub-component will provide Technical Assistance and Training (TAT) Consultants to provide training to field team, public sector staff and farmers in HEIS installation, operation and repair, crop diversification, crop production under HEIS, soil measurement and fertilizer application, and to support piloting of activities under Sub- component B2 and training of trainers for operators in laser land leveling and deep ripping under Sub- Components C1.